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Lucy’s Warbler & misc. warbler/oriole/tanager/sparrow

11:26 am

Tuesday morning, rather early, there was a Lucy’s Warbler at the Educational Cultural Complex (= adult education center) in se. San Diego (“Mountain View,” I think), not far south of Greenwood Cemetery. Specifically, it briefly arrived in the pink-flowered eucalyptus on the east side of the buildings at the corner of Dominion and T. These trees, when blooming, are always quite birdy early in the morning when in the early-morning sunlight. Also present today are continuing (since early Dec) Nashville Warbler and Bullock’s Oriole. A Hooded Oriole was seen here in mid-Dec. Unfortunately, these trees are full of marauding Yellow-rumpeds, and the Lucy’s was rather quickly chased out to parts unknown–and the Educational Cultural property overall is full of plenty of additional blooming eucs, tipus, meloleucas, sycamores, etc., where a Lucy’s could take quite a while to re-find.
Elsewhere today, there’s a continuing adult male Summer Tanager and a Western Tanager at Greenwood/Mount Hope Cemeteries, a continuing Yellow Warbler at Southcrest Comm. Park, and the stakeout City Heights Eastern Phoebe and Ward Canyon Park Black-and-white Warbler both continue.
As many folks know, the TRV Community Gardens have been hosting several good birds recently, including White-throated Sparrows. A bright bird was first found there in early December, then joined by an identical bright bird–often seen side by side–later in December, and now someone has also photographed a noticeably duller bird. So that makes a healthy THREE White-throateds currently in residence at that site.
–Paul Lehman, San Diego