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Lucy's Warbler at Harry Griffen Park in La Mesa (8/25/2020)

Hi all – this morning Kathryn Wendel and I had a dull (presumably first fall) LUCY'S WARBLER at Harry Griffen Park in La Mesa.  

We actually both saw this bird separately earlier in the morning, I saw it two separate times and was about 75% confident of the ID but never saw it well enough to call it for sure. After Kathryn described her bird, with her impressions matching mine, I felt more confident that my hunch was correct and we met back up at the park later in the morning and she ended up spotting it again in the SW corner by the scrub zone.  At this point, although we never got a clean look at the diagnostic rump color, we both had extended views of the bird foraging in the open in good light, and I felt confident enough to report it to eBird and this group.
This bird is moving a LOT, as I saw it first in the far SW corner of the park, then again later along the N perimeter (N of the dog park), and then later we had it on the complete opposite end (SW corner).  It never vocalized and did not respond to a few playback attempts, and with so many big trees and shrubs around the park it might be difficult to refind.  It did seem to be loosely associating with a small foraging flock of Lesser Goldfinches, however.
The bird is very pale, appearing basically all whitish below and grayish above, with a pale gray undertail and a blank pale face with whitish lores and a faint white eye-stripe.
Eitan Altman
San Carlos

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports