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Lower Otay Lake gulling P.S.

11:16 am

If the number of gulls present today on Lower Otay continues into the winter, it would definitely be worth keeping an eye on for other rare species. The lake is open to boating on Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday, so these actually would well be the least profitable days to go because then the two boat docks where a lot of birds were standing would be totally disturbed by boaters and staff. So the closed days would be better for less gull disturbance, in which case the parking lot is not open. So you have to find a dirt pullout along the road just south of the entrance to the boat launch and find a legal place to pull over and park. It’s okay to walk in and stand near the boat launch, even if it’s closed to boating. Also present this morning was at least one good candidate for a young Herring X Glaucous-winged hybrid, which sort of looks like an overgrown Thayer’s Gull.

Paul Lehman, San Diego