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It has certainly been a good early fall so far for Bairds Sandpipers and White-winged Doves. Add another seven Bairds Sandpipers this morning at the salt works, on a lowered pond. Back on the 3rd there was a White winged Dove bordering Encinitas Community Park in Encinitas, as well as an indigo Bunting in Rancho Santa Fe. Dave Povey had another White winged Dove yesterday in the Tijuana River valley. Also yesterday there was a slightly wayward Hutton's Vireo on Point Loma, where also a Willow Flycatcher that MIGHT be of an unexpected subspecies adastus from just east of here in the Great Basin region rather than the usual West Coast brewsteri.

Last, and definitely least, 3 days ago there was a flock of four Monk Parakeets at the Dairy Mart ponds. Somehow I do not think they were "vagrants* from Florida or New Jersey…..

Paul Lehman, San Diego

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports