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Los Americas Mall, Palm Warbler and Northern Parula

8:25 am

Wednesday morning the 4th, in the sea of tipu trees in the parking lots for the Las Americas Mall next to the border in San Ysidro, the Northern Parula continues with a small group of yellow rumps in the general area in front of the Tommy Hilfiger store, and a new Palm Warbler is with just several yellow butts just slightly to the east in front of the Polo Ralph Lauren store. Farther east still, there was another small group of warblers that contained a black throated gray and a couple yellows. Clearly these little flocks move all over the place and probably the best method of finding them is to just slowly drive around the parking lots with your windows down, listening and looking for the roving groups. Would also strongly recommend doing this in the morning before all the stores open and the place gets much busier.

Also, this morning, south of the Dairy Mart area there was an Indigo Bunting.
Paul Lehman, San Diego