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Loon(s) at Lake Miramar

7:56 pm


Things have become more interesting with Loons at Lake Miramar. I’ve
been communicating with other people who live relatively close to the
lake and went looking late yesterday and today for the Pacific Loon I
found yesterday. As far as I know, nobody has re-found the Pacific yet,
but Ruslan was there at the end of the day today and saw what he was
pretty sure was a Common Loon on the east side of the lake. He just sent
me a few photos and that’s definitely what he had. Bigger bill, flatter
head, and different plumage than the bird I photographed, with the dark
markings near the base of the neck of Common. I assume he’ll be posting
to eBird. And another experienced birder believes he saw a Red-throated
earlier today. Said it did not look like the bird in my photos. Had a
much different plumage pattern and thinner bill. I just checked eBird
for the history of Loons at the lake, and saw that Steven Lima had a
Common Loon at Lake Miramar on 11/24. Maybe that bird stuck around and
this is the first time someone else spotted it. Steve’s report was the
first ever in eBird of a Common Loon at that lake. There are no previous
reports in eBird ever of a Red-throated at Lake Miramar. Looks like my
report of Pacific was the first one for that species.

Lisa Ruby
Sabre Springs

Lisa Ruby
Sabre Springs