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I tramped around Fiesta Island again this morning. While sorting through a mixed flock of Horned larks and pipits, the group was flushed by a dog. Most of the flock flew to the Least tern nesting area, but one bird circled, calling. I believe that bird was a Lapland Longspur based on the call and white outer tail feathers. While it was still in the air (I was was trying for flight pics), a very wet, muddy Irish Setter jumped up and gave me numerous sloppy kisses. So I missed where the bird went. My binocular cups were entirely filled with mud, but I cleaned them as much as I could and searched for the Longspur. I found the HOLA flock, minus pipes and Longspur. I went back two times to the original area and searched without success. Bottom line, I believe there is a LALO out there somewhere. The original spot the mixed flock was in is outside the fenced corner for the least terns, maybe 60 yards east of the South Gate to that area.

I also went to several other grassy fields in the area. The large fenced baseball field at Robb Field (it has 4 backstops) had at least 60 pipits and 30 HOLA. This field should get searched again soon.

The Bill Cleator Community Park has a handful of pipits, but no HOLA.

Nancy Christensen

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.
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