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Longspur AWOL

Posting positive news about good quality rarities that a bunch of people are likely to wish to chase of course is good to do, but it is also helpful to post negative news, especially the first negative report after much searching so that people can judge whether to invest the time and gas in a chase or not. In the case of this Chestnut collared Longspur, it should be said that a number of birders spent two hours looking for it with no luck. So it might have flown the coop or it is just being very difficult to refind and it certainly did not stick in that one area, at least during some long periods of time. Most longspurs at fiesta island do stay for one or more days, although there are a few exceptions, so hopefully this bird will return at some point to some part of the dog run but it is awol for the past 2 hours or more.

Paul Lehman, San Diego

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