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Long-tailed Duck at Black’s Beach

11:13 am

Dear friends,


On 21 June a Long-tailed Duck was picked up at Black’s Beach and brought to Project Wildlife. No surprise at this time of year, it was emaciated and the flight feathers were very heavily worn, so much that the bird was probably flightless. Since the arrival of the latest break of bird flu, Sea World has discontinued rescue of seabirds, so this Long-tailed Duck was sent to International Bird Rescue in Los Angeles. Any rehabilitation would have entailed holding the bird through a complete molt. After the decision was made to euthanize it, the specimen was returned to San Diego, where we will prepare it tomorrow for the museum’s research collection. Our three previous specimens of the Long-tailed Duck for San Diego County are dated 2 Nov 1921, 11 Nov 1938, and 25 Jan 1958.


Thanks to Maria Gonzalez to alerting me to the specimen as soon as Project Wildlife received it and to Linda King for bringing it to the museum last week.


Good birding,


Philip Unitt

San Diego