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Location of Common Goldeneyes at Lake Miramar, no Loons today

5:50 pm


If there is anyone who has tried and failed to find the Common Goldeneye
at Lake Miramar, thanks to Ruslan we now know where they have been
hiding. He found them at the end of the day yesterday. They are as far
from their location of previous years as they could possibly get. Maybe
they didn’t like the nearness of the construction by their old location
near the dam. They are in an inlet all the way at the east end of the
lake. I wasn’t able to spot them until I was almost all the way down
there while on the lower south side trail. I found six. One previous
report that did not provide a location noted 7. Today there were 3 adult
males, 2 immature males, and 1 female. Here are coordinates of locations
from where I was able to see them. Not as close for viewing as they were
when they were by the dam.


I ran into Aaron P when I was out there. Neither of us were able to spot
any Loons today.

If it’s of interest to anyone, there is one Glaucous-winged Gull that
I’ve seen twice near the dam. Once it was resting on the tall platform.
Today it was in the northwest corner. The other day I’m pretty sure I
had a Glaucous-winged X Herring hybrid. I posted a photo of it in a
previous list.


Lisa Ruby
Sabre Springs