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Little Stint update (negative)

Soon after posting the news on the Little Stint this morning, I lost track of the bird, as all of the peep close in scattered all around the pond and joined and mixed up with another large group in this same drying impoundment. The grand total of Westerns there is between 1200-1500 birds. Two-thirds remained always too distant to be able to sort through them, given both the distance and the worsening heat distortion. Periodic smaller subsets of up to a few hundred birds would come back close enough to ID and then quickly scatter again, but I never saw the Little Stint or the hyper-rufous Western Sandpiper again. The section where the Little Stint frequented originally was the southwest corner of the pond. As mentioned in my earlier post, this pond probably only has one more day left before it is largely too dry, and even now clearly a lot of the birds remain too far out. Also, anytime in the next week or so should be the major departure of many of the wintering Westerns northbound.  Best bet would be to try late today or early tomorrow morning, to avoid all the heat haze, although the tide will be low in the early AM on the bay, so not all the peep may be on the impoundment then. When I saw the bird today the tide was still somewhat low but fairly quickly incoming.

Again, this bird is almost undoubtedly one of the two individuals that were a couple ponds farther to the west in the saltworks back in (Oct) Nov-Dec.

–Paul Lehman,  San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports