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Little Stint search 'warning', new Am. Redstart, Nashville

Although a couple of us did indeed see the Little Stint at the usual saltworks site off the end of 10th Street at around 9AM on 28 Nov, soon thereafter it rained almost two inches and there is now almost no stint/peep habitat remaining there. The next morning, there were no peep present at all. Thus, if you are contemplating a trip to see this bird and are coming from a long ways away, I would recommend waiting to see if the water levels go down any time soon (they did NOT do so last winter once they went up in December, due largely to our wet winter last year) and see if the bird gets reported again. Last year, after the water levels went up, it (they) could not be re-found until April…..

Today, 30 Nov, Trent Stanley and Barbara Carlson found a young male American Redstart at Santee Lakes, between Lakes 3 & 4, near the bathrooms. And I had a Nashville Warbler in coastal La Jolla, where I also had a concentration of 8 Spotted Towhees, the most I've ever seen at one spot around San Diego.

–Paul Lehman, San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports