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Little Stint, San Diego Bay, 10/16

5:04 pm

Stint Vicious is back for her(?) 6th winter on the pond 23 island visible from 10th Street in Imperial Beach. The two Pacific Golden-Plovers were mixed in with the Black-bellied flock also.
The salt works ponds are not tidal, but generally there are more birds on this island during high tide than low tide, when food sources out on the bay are underwater. Having said that, I’ve seen the LIST on the island even during low tides, when most shorebirds are on the bay, and I’ve missed it during high tides, when there are plenty of other birds on the island. The bird just doesn’t seem to always be very tide dependent, nor strictly tied to this island. Today it was on the island (with a handful of WESA and LESA) during an outgoing tide, when a lot of birds were beginning to disperse out into the bay.

Matt Sadowski