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Little Stint, Pacific Golden-, Wilson's Phal., odd Surfbird

Thanksgiving morning, visiting birder Jon Dunn and I went to south San Diego Bay to look for the Little Stint, despite several recent misses of the bird recently by others, and reports of higher water levels at its favorite saltworks island off the end of 10th St. After missing the bird on our first try early on, we then found the LITTLE STINT on the island around 9AM, but all the birds soon flushed due to a passing raptor, and the stint did not come back over the next hour. So, it is still using the island, but probably less than it had been before the water levels went up a bit. During our vigil there today we also had the continuing PACIFIC GOLDEN-PLOVER and WILSON'S PHALAROPE, an adult MEW GULL, and an out-of-habitat SURFBIRD on the island. Three Black Skimmers continue there, which is late, as typically all the skimmers that nest there disappear during the winter, many of which then move north to Mission Bay. Otherwise, 2 Western Tanagers continue in Nestor Park.

–Paul Lehman, San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports