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Little Stint, Blackpoll W., wintering Western Kingbird, miscellanea

On Weds the 27th, the Little Stint continues on “Stint Island” off the end of 10th Street; and as in the past several sightings, it has been frequenting the right (east) edge of the island. A Blackpoll Warbler was in Coronado. At Camp Surf, the dark-lored (oriantha) White-crowned Sparrow continues, there was a “Sooty” Fox Sparrow and a female Costa’s Hummingbird, and three American Robins were clear migrants and may or may not portend a “good” winter for that species. A Western Kingbird at the Poggi Greenbelt is late and is probably the same bird that wintered there last winter. Still multiple Pacific-slope Flycatchers, Black-thr. Gray and Wilson’s Warblers, and Western Tanagers scattered about, but migrant diversity has definitely slacked off during the past week or so.–Paul Lehman, San Diego