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Lindo Lake Wood Stork

Lindo Lake Wood Stork
By {authorlink} – 9:14 am

The adult Wood Stork continues at Lindo Lake as of 9:15 a.m. on Wednesday. It is hanging out in the large eucalyptus tree at the west end of the west pond next to the kiddy playground, where several pairs of egrets are nesting. On two occasions this morning the bird took off and flew to a very large eucalyptus that’s at the southwest corner of the West pond next to the skateboard park and grabbed a branch out of that tree and brought it back to the tree with the nesting egrets, as if it is interested in joining them by building a nest!!!!

BTW, There is a very good chance this bird is, in fact, the Safari Park bird, despite the distance involved between the two locations. Given the extreme rarity of wood storks in California, the fact it’s an adult with full wings with no obvious molt, and this is still April which is early for most records of wood stork in the state, it suggests it is the same bird. The safari park bird was seen as recently as Sunday, and there’s now rumor from local residents here that the bird here at Lindo Lake actually first appeared on Monday. So unless there is overlap in dates or differences in plumage, best to consider it the same bird for now.
Paul Lehman, San Diego