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Lindo Lake re-do and birds

     I know many of you are concerned about the major work that’s scheduled to be done at Lindo Lake and its effects on the bird life there. Here’s some additional information, including the first map I’ve seen (only partially reproduced in the article) of what the east basin will look like upon completion of the dredging. Scroll down; the map's at the bottom.  It shows the location of the two proposed “birdwatching areas”, as well as the two new fishing piers, and the very short article gives a link to a longer story, etc. 
     It’s too bad they didn’t reproduce the entire legend, but my guess is that the broken blue line signifies a route that can be used by wheeled (but I presume motorless) vehicles. 
     In any event, the map is the first visual representation I’ve seen of the County’s plan for the lake. 
Phil Pryde 
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First County Equestrian Park Breaks Ground

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Groundbreaking for Lindo Lake Restoration Project

Have you seen the equipment? San Diego's only natural lake – Lindo Lake in Lakeside – is undergoing a major restoration project to improve water quality and deepen the east and west basins. Learn more in the County News Center article.

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