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Lilac-crowned Parrot added to the San Diego County list

Lilac-crowned Parrot added to the San Diego County list
By – 10:04 am
San Diego Birders,

The California Bird Records Committee (CBRC) has recently added Mitred Parakeet (Psittacara mitratus) and Lilac-crowned Parrot (Amazona finschi) to the official California state list as naturalized non-native species. Because Lilac-crowned Parrot is well established in San Diego (perhaps even outnumbering the already naturalized Red-crowned Parrot), it is now officially added to the county bird list as well. Mitred Parakeet, to my knowledge, has not been sufficiently documented to occur in San Diego and is clearly not established here. 

The CBRC is currently reviewing the status of Red-masked Parakeet (Psittacara  erythrogenys) in California, and by extension San Diego. Other records, currently being discussed, which would add to the San Diego County list, include: a Mexican Duck (Anas diazi) from Lower Otay Lake (29 Dec 2018-11 Feb 2019) and the multi-year Glossy Ibis (Plegadis falcinellus) at the Safari Park (7 Mar 2019, 22 June-11 July 2020, and 25 Mar-5 May 2021).

Additional records of note, not yet circulated, include another Mexican Duck from Lindo Lake (2 Dec 2019), the Eastern Towhee (Pipilo erythrophthalmus) from Jacumba (6-8 Nov 2021), and the Short-tailed Albatross (Phoebastria albatrus) from ~9mi west of Sunset Cliffs (1 Jan 2022).
The CBRC encourages direct submission of any photos, audio, or written details you have pertaining to the last three records mentioned. common question, “What about Swinhoe’s White-eye?” can be answered by saying that published genetic work is needed, as we do not know that the Zosterops spreading throughout Southern California is, in fact, Z. simplex.
Justyn Stahl, Chair
California Bird Records