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Lesser Black backed Gull, Plumbeous, Summer

Lesser Black backed Gull, Plumbeous, Summer
By {authorlink} – 1:32 pm

Late morning and midday on Friday there’s an adult Lesser Black backed Gull swimming around in a flock of gulls on Lower Otay Lake several hundred yards to the left or north of the dock. I believe this is an older age compared to the bird seen previously here. One “Thayer’s” Iceland and one Glaucous-winged where the sum total of white winged gulls present at the dock, along with about 30 Herrings.

At Heritage Park in eastern Chula Vista, a Plumbeous Vireo in the large crescent of pine trees is almost certainly a returning bird from multiple previous winters, and there was a female type Summer Tanager along the north edge of the park and beginning of the paved walkway to the north lined in tipus.
Paul Lehman, San Diego