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Lesser Black Backed gull at Hotel Del Coronado

Monday December 3

I got there at 8 am and spent 3 hours looking for it with no luck, 3 other birders left and after walking around 
the hotel, I decided to check the beach one more time, I was walking toward the jetty when I saw another
birder scoping the ocean and while going towards her (I forget her name already)  I glanced at the jetty
and there it was. After calling her attention to it  we were able to get very close to it for great views. It sat
on top of the jetty for about 15 minutes then flew down to lower mussel clam covered rocks in the splash
zone where it picked/fed on something till noon them flew back up to the red roofed building at the south
end of the hotel.

I think the key to finding this bird is to get to the jetty as the tide is going out maybe a couple of
hours before low tide. It was occasionally hard to see when it hopped down into the the rocks near the
water on the south west end of the jetty. It was feeding there almost an hour before several western 
gulls came over and started competing with it for the best rocks.

I was able to call over several other birders who were walking around the beach nearby and some of
them were able to get great pictures.

Steve Ellis
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports