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lerpy eucalyptus follow-up

A bit of a follow-up to my earlier post today about trees, particularly lerpy eucalyptus. Tito Gonzalez reports that the line of eucs along the north fence at Buddy Todd Park in Oceanside are lerpy and hosting a reasonable number of western migrants. I have now found two sites with lerpy eucs off Antigua Blvd. here in Tierrasanta and had more migrants there late today, even being a bit inland (ditto Harry Griffen Park!), than I did close to the coast this morning around Point Loma and Mission Valley. The trees here in Tierrasanta had, for example, 1 female-type Summer Tanager, 6 W. Tanagers, Bullock's Oriole, Bl-hd. Grosbeak, 3 Pacific-slope Flys, Warbling Vireo, 12 Yellow Warblers, 1 B-t Gray, 4 Townsend's, 6 Wilson's, and reasonable numbers of Orange-crowneds and Yellow-rumpeds. Numbers of western migrants = good chance for vagrants as well.

There are likely good sites of lerp-heaven waiting to be found that are closer to the coast in places like Coronado (adjoining the Coronado golf course?), Balboa Park, and La Jolla, as well as in National City and Chula Vista. Not to mention who-knows-where-else in North County.

–Paul Lehman, San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports