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Legacy whale/bird watching today- few birds

1:52 pm

Following recent posts, Debby Porter and I went out on AM Legacy whale watch today. Skipper Rob Downing (same skipper as Sat, Sun) took us to “first fathom incline”, about 5 miles west, where we cruised N-S fir a mile or two. Furthest west we got was about 7 miles. In contrast to Saturday, we saw only a modest few hundred black-vented shearwaters, about 50 phalaropes, one brown booby, one Nazca/masked booby. We are both inexperienced pelagic birders, so may have missed some or many species, but we, and skipper Rob, are confident that there was a marked contrast between total bird numbers of all species at the same near-shore location.  Another whale watching boat saw plentiful birds off La Jolla coast today.   On the plus side, calm and sunny offshore today, light breeze, minimal swell.  Lee Wagner

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