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late/wintering vireos and orioles

On Sunday the 11th, a returning, wintering CASSIN'S VIREO was in residential Point Loma near the intersection of Dupont X Gage. Elsewhere in the neighborhood was a "Slate-colored" Junco, 2 Nashvilles, and a Wilson's. On Monday the 12th, in residential Coronado, there was a late WARBLING VIREO, and a female ORCHARD ORIOLE (with an adult male Bullock's) which is very likely a returning, wintering bird, as well as a Western Tanager and B-t Gray Warbler. Overall bird numbers and diversity were NOT impressive, however.  Day after day of clear, dry, warm weather does NOT help….

–Paul Lehman,  San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports