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Late report of Point Loma Least Flycatcher and Gray Catbird

7:37 pm

I’ve just recently received reports from very late in the day Saturday from Northern California visiting birders Lucas and Mark Stephenson and Colin Dillingham of a Least Flycatcher, with photos, and a very early Gray Catbird on Navy property bordering Fort Rosecrans Cemetery on Point Loma. Lucas writes: We were viewing the birds from Cabrillo Memorial Dr (aka Catalina Boulevard) and this little driveway that goes up the hill that leads to a gate. They were both in the native bushes/chaparral on the hillside. Coordinates were (32.6909047, -117.2452509).
This particular area is just north of the north end of the west side of the cemetery and basically across the street from the north end of the east side of the cemetery.
Just the messenger. Many of us will be elsewhere, on a boat, tomorrow morning.
Paul Lehman, San Diego