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late-lingering flycatchers, continuing and new miscellanea

One mini-theme of October 2021 was the number of late-lingering flycatchers in the county. In addition to Nathan’s record-late continuing W. Wood-Pewee in Presidio Park through the 31st and several other late pewees the previous several days, there were several late Willow Flycatchers this month, there are still a fair number of Pacific-slope Flycatchers floating around at month’s end (including 2 on the 31st at Fort Rosecrans Cemetery where they presumably would NOT overwinter?), a continuing Hammond’s Flycatcher in UTC, and likely wintering Western Kingbirds at both Poggi Greenbelt and with Cassin’s Kingbirds along Woodworth Way in Liberty Station (through 31st).Miscellanea the past few days include a continuing Short-eared Owl along the south end of San Diego Bay which can sometimes be seen at first-light in the early AM or near dusk in the PM from the end of 8th Street in Imperial Beach, a high count of 410 Royal Terns at the salt works on 30 Oct, continuing (returning?) Tropical Kingbird (often with Cassin’s) at Dairy Mart through the 30th, a Red-naped Sapsucker in residential Point Loma on the 31st, a White-throated Sparrow found by Nick Barber at FRNC on the 31st, and Cassin’s Vireo and Golden-cr Sparrow on the 31st at PLNU. After a slow start, Hermit Thrush numbers appear to be increasing nicely, and American Robins continue to turn up widely in small numbers where clearly migrants. (A few Varied Thrushes have been seen just immediately to our north and west, so hopefully they will start turning up here very soon as well.)–Paul Lehman, San Diego