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late gull-billed tern south san diego bay – request for photos/band info

Thanks Dave et al. for reporting the extremely late gull-billed tern around South San Diego Bay (9/24 Tijuana rivermouth, 11/12 Tijuana Estuary/Seacoast Dr, 11/17 saltworks, other dates?).   It appears to be a young of the year that we banded at saltworks with metal service band left and yellow flag band right, with black alphanumeric on each side of the flag (single-digit letter followed by single-digit number).  If anyone has clear enough photos to read the alphanumeric on the flag, please let me know – we're hoping to identify this individual since it's one of only 13-21 that fledged this year.  The saltworks breeding colony has rebounded to 38-41 pairs following the parasite-induced mass mortality event of 2013.  Most migrate south in July, with the last sightings other than this individual appearing to be in early August.
Robert Patton
San Diego, CA
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports