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late flycatcher at Cuyamaca Stonewall trailhead

11:30 pm

Good evening! Not quite sure if this is worth a message to the list, but just in case…
In addition to noting the male Williamson’s Sapsucker’s right at the parking area today at Stonewall, around noon we saw a flycatcher just off the trail running left of the bathroom building. Not experienced enough to confidently make a positive id, but we’re leaning Hammond’s (which we’ve never seen before). Posted a good number of photos to the checklist:

Small olive flycatcher with a gray head and noticeably darker cap, paler throat, orange lower mandible, bold white wing bars, notched tail, black legs and black feet. Distinct ‘vest’ with yellowish stomach. Eyering less bold than Western. Not vocalizing. Moving between branches of isolated fallen tree at the edge of a field/meadow area (just to the left of the trail running left of the bathroom building near the trailhead). Loosely associated with a Say’s Phoebe on an adjacent branch.


Ruslan Balagansky
San Diego (Mira Mesa), CA