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late Bank Swallow; continuing Little Stint, Golden-Plover, "Yellow" Palm, Green-tailed, Reddish

On Weds the 19th, barely after dawn, roosting swallows coming out of the main Dairy Mart Pond included an exceptionally late Bank Swallow. It and several Barn Swallows and about half the Tree Swallows flew around the pond only 2-3 times and then departed, whereas a smaller subset of Trees did remain in the area for another half hour. This is the latest fall record in the county, although there are several "old" records of wintering Banks, so it is possible it could linger further. Still present today were the Little Stint on its favorite island between 9:00-9:15AM, the Pacific Golden-Plover at the sod farm dirt (with 170 Killdeer), the "Yellow" Palm Warbler at the TRV community gardens (in one its favored plots, a little southwest of the red Marine Corps flag) and which now has grown in about 3mm of tail so one can actually see a few feather-tips wagging, a Green-tailed Towhee also at the community gardens which now also has no tail, and lastly a Reddish Egret on the west side of San Diego Bay at Delta Beach, which is presumably the same bird that was there during summer.

–Paul Lehman, San Diego

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports