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Lark Bunting in Jacumba

I am on my way home to San Diego from doing Christmas counts at Borrego and the Salton Sea and decided to stop for a quick late afternoon visit to jacumba today, Tuesday, and have found a female lark bunting. The bird is on the very East edge of Town bordering the abandoned farm field, the perfect place for one, habitat wise. It is associated with a moderate-sized group of white- crowned sparrows totaling perhaps thirty birds or so. As one approaches the town from the east, having gotten off interstate 8 at the jacumba exit, you could park along the main road just as you get to the edge of town and the Welcome to Jacumba Hot Springs sign, and then walk North on the dirt road just outside the edge of town that runs along the west edge of the large abandoned farm field that is all weedy grass. The other option is to enter town and make your first right on Campo Street and go down several blocks just passed where Eric Kalen used to live and turn right on Brawley and then just go to the end which is dirt and park there which is the east end of Brawley Street and that is now right at the edge of the abandoned farm fields just north of where the bird was so you would turn right and walk down the dirt road along the edge of the field from the north. Clearly you just have to walk up and down that road until you find the flock and presumably this bird will be with them rather than being totally by itself which would be bad. A couple of the backyards right on the edge of town here also have appropriate habitat, but right along the road and the ditch is presumably where it will hang out. By the way, it is pretty cold here at the moment and it's not even 4 PM and the temperature is only 42 degrees and there's a bit of a breeze so if one comes tomorrow morning or the next couple mornings early, dress appropriately.

Paul Lehman, San Diego

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports