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large grebe, scoter, and loon concentrations; Black Scoter, TK

large grebe, scoter, and loon concentrations; Black Scoter, TK
By {authorlink} – 12:40 pm

As has been reported by a few folks recently via eBird reports and the listserv, there are currently large numbers of Western Grebes and Surf Scoters along the coast from the border (Borderfield State Park) up to at least the southern Silver Strand (Silver Strand State Beach). Today, Friday, I spot-checked a few spots between the end of Seacoast Drive up to just north of Camp Surf and estimated 6000 Western Grebes and 4000 Surf Scoters. I could easily be somewhat low. Undoubtedly there were a few rare scoters out there somewhere… I also had about 50 Red-throated Loons, which is a high count for this time of year there, although this exact same stretch of coastline is a known staging area for this species in late winter and early spring. Also, 10 Pelagic Cormorants roosting near the end of the Imperial Beach Pier is a larger number than usual.
Speaking of rare-ish scoters, there was a female Black Scoter today in the part of South San Diego Bay where multiple birds have frequented for a number of years: the section bounded by Chula Vista on the east and Coronado Cays on the west.
Also today, a Tropical Kingbird continues at a Cassin’s Kingbird (ca. 20) roost site in Nestor Park, so viewable either at the very end of the day or soon after dawn, but the the birds go elsewhere for the rest of the day. The actual roost trees are in the northern part of the park.
A couple Costa’s Hummingbirds are at Tierrasanta feeders.
–Paul Lehman, San Diego