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Lake Murray REPH / Ramona Mtn Bluebirds

This morning (Sun, Feb 24) the RED PHALAROPE found a couple days ago by Dan Jehl continues. I spotted it loafing near Del Cerro Point around 8:30am, easy to pick out as the only tiny white bird out there.

Yesterday I checked out Rangeland Road in Ramona, and was blown away to find a massive flock of ~200 or more Mountain Bluebirds working a big wet grass field W if the road for fresh worms alongside Western Meadowlarks, Horned Larks and Am Pipits. I stopped counting at well over 100 with a single brief scan of the field. I’ve never seen such a concentration of MOBL in the county before.

Eitan Altman
San Carlos
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports