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Lake Hodges Green-tailed Towhee

This morning I went to the Lake Hodges Bernardo Bay Trail to see if the Green-tailed Towhee has returned (presumably) for a third (at least) season. I went to the spot I saw him last year and quickly heard the mewing call. He didn't cooperate for photos but popped out of the bushes a couple times long enough to see the bright rufous crown, white throat, gray breast and green tail. Take the trailhead that starts at West Bernardo Drive southwest of the pedestrian bridge. Look for the large dead stump on the right side of the trail (not far down the trail) and then the nearby Endangered Species Habitat sign on the left side of the trail. I saw him in the shrubs near the sign.
Jan Nordenberg
San Diego

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports