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Lake Henshaw, Nov 9

Good Afternoon,

  I spent the morning near Lake Henshaw and am regularly surprised at the bird diversity out there. From a stationary location about 1 kilometer south of the reservoir I logged 48 species in 1 hour. If I recall correctly I have had a 1 hr point count at this location with 61 species in the past. The highlights were 1 adult GOLDEN EAGLE flying low west to east over Hwy 76, at least one adult BALD EAGLE (could be and probably is a second one out there too) and a sub-adult (unknown specific age) BAEA. There are few ducks but over 20 BONAPART'S GULL in the reservoir.  
Keers (as the MAMU says)
Kerry Ross
Bay Park, SD

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports