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Lake Cuyamaca hunt days

10:08 pm

FYI—Lake Cuyamaca is closed for duck hunting on Wednesdays, and Sunday mornings (until ~11:00), December and January. No access to Fletcher Island or most of the lake during that time. The (close-by) shooting is also disruptive to many of the birds in
the area. 
And, of course, Lake Cuyamaca, when open, has a parking/access fee separate from the State Park. This includes the walk-in access from the Marty Minshall Trail at Stonewall Mine (which itself is State Park and has its own parking fees). The Lake Cuyamaca
staff are friendly to birders, *provided you’ve paid*. Pay at the tackle shop next to the restaurant. For Stonewall, there’s an iron ranger at the parking lot or there’s info on how to pay via your phone. 


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Gjon Hazard