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Lagunas and Stonewall

Mel and I birded an area off of Los Huecos Road in Mt Laguna today. We were on private property and well off the road. We encountered a number of rarities including a Scott’s Oriole, a White-winged Dove, a Cassin’s Vireo (we assumed it was late for this species to be seen here) and a nice flock of Red Crossbills. As we were leaving the property we encountered a small flock of Cassin’s Finches. These birds were seen along Los Huecos Rd. It looks as though this year may have some irruptive species showing up – crossbills, Red-breasted Nuthatches , and now Cassins Finches. The Laguna Visitor Center has often been a good spot to see Cassins Finches. Other spots this species has turned up is along the Sunrise Highway at Mile 19, Lake Cuyamaca and Stonewall Mine. I went and checked Stonewall, but it was close to noon, quite windy and warm, and I saw almost no birds at all. The large stand of elderberry down the small paved road and beyond the horse stalls is still loaded with fruit, and I think this is a spot worth checking again soon. The sapsucker wells in the trees near the little museum/cabin are freshly opened and I suspect there may be Williamson’s in that area, though I did not find any.


Nancy Christensen



Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports