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Laguna and Cuyamaca Mts–snow

This is more of an access report than bird report. Hank Ingersoll and I scouted trip for our bird festival trip Friday and found high snow levels in all areas. Access to the area around Mile Marker 19 on Sunrise Hwy is limited by snow pushed up along the sides of the road. My snow estimate is 10 inches in nearly all areas above 4500 feet, certainly in shaded areas, and roadside snow was piled up much higher. We did not go in very far from Sunrise Hwy as walking was difficult on ice and hard packed snow and thus are eliminating it from the trip itinerary. Pretty much the same story for Morris Ranch and Wooded Hill roads. Bus access would be impossible for both of the latter roads. We did manage to set up and fill 3 feeders in Mount Laguna at the Visitor Center. If anyone goes by there, please report what you see. Access to the center is tricky with ice and hard pack in the parking lot.


Sunrise Hwy was gated at the 27.5 mile marker and just off Hwy 79. County DPW reports that this should be open by late today.


Paso Picacho Campground in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park has deep snow in the day use area (had to sit on tables to eat lunch) and only partially clear roads (chains required) in the camping area. Oaks with clumps of mistletoe around the state park work area had small numbers of common birds.


Stonewall Mine Road was closed today and looked to be under a lot of snow. So no access to Williamson’s Sapsucker for now.


I don’t expect a lot of snow melt as temperatures are not expected to increase much in the near term.


I will need to make another run up to visitors center to check feeders Wed or Thurs and report again if there are big changes.



Geoffrey L. Rogers


San Diego, CA




Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports