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La Jolla Masked (?) Booby, W-w Scoter, 70 R-n Phalaropes

La Jolla Masked (?) Booby, W-w Scoter, 70 R-n Phalaropes
By {authorlink} – 10:34 am

The post-storm seawatch at La Jolla on Weds morning, 9 Nov, was disappointing for true pelagic species (e.g., only 7 N. Fulmars) but there were nonetheless several species of interest. The imm. Masked/Nazca Booby found the previous day roosting on the bluffs by Charlie Herzfeld was still present and extensively photographed as it slept on the bluff, then preened, and then flew out to sea. A number of us believe that most characters favor the bird being a Masked over a Nazca, although birds of this age (about 1-1/4 years old) can be tough to ID with confidence. We await further adjudication! Another Masked/Nazca type and a single Brown Booby were seen farther offshore. One of the biggest surprises of the morning were the ca. 70 Red-necked Phalaropes passing by in many small groups, as this is a very large count for so late in the season. Also about 30 phalarope sp. and just 3 definite Reds. A single White-winged Scoter passed by in a flock of Surfs. Some 5+ Parasitic Jaegers.
–Paul Lehman et al., San Diego