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La Jolla Cove, June 25: 4 species of alcids + some early migrants

Spent 2 hours at the Cove mid-morning.
Hundreds of feeding common dolphins were attracting hordes of birds, mostly pelicans, gulls, terns and cormorants.
About 60 black storm-petrels were working just outside the kelp bed.
Further offshore, where the canyon widens and heads off to the west, about 2 miles offshore, were huge flocks of feeding birds, including 100+ black-vented shearwaters.

What was interesting was the other birds, including 2 early migrants: 1 surf scoter; 1 parasitic jaeger
Heermann’s gulls are present in large numbers, adults and second-year birds; no juveniles yet.

The sea was pretty flat and wind was light.
Highlight of the day was alcids, all just outside the kelp beds:
3 common murres, all in alternate plumage
1 rhinoceros auklet
1 pigeon guillemot in alternate plumage
2 Cassin’s auklets

Stan Walens, San Diego
June 25, 2019; 10:37 a.m.
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports