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La Jolla Cove in the storm, Jan 7: pfffftttt!

10:54 am

About 40 birders were at the Cove this morning from 6:30 on. I left at 10:00; about a dozen others were still there.
Cold, strong winds, great light.

It was an immense disappointment. Maybe 100-150 black-vented shearwaters, way out early on. No other tubenoses.
1 red-necked grebe. 1 black-legged kittiwake.
Maybe 50 surf scoters; 100 Pacific and 7 red-throated loons.
3 ancient murrelets. 6 Cassin’s auklets.

I think this speaks to the catastrophic paucity of seabirds in the nearshore Pacific this winter.

Stan Walens, San Diego
Jan 7, 2023; 10:35am