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La Jolla Cove: copulating black oystercatchers

12:58 pm

It was a lovely morning at the Cove, with many thousands of birds feeding in La Jolla Canyon, about 2 miles offshore. Lots of black-venteds and Bonaparte’s gulls, and despite large numbers of gulls and pelicans, no boobies.

Highlight of the day was a pair of visiting French birders, who reported to me that yesterday they had seen a pair of black oystercatchers copulating on the rocks below my  bench.
I think this may be the first reported instance of that in the county, although there has been a nest of a paired black and American-like oystercatcher from Cabrillo/Sunset Cliffs in the recent past.
Maybe we’ll finally get the first documented nest in the county in the La Jolla area this year.
Also, I have not seen a wandering tattler or a reliable report of a wandering tattler anywhere in La Jolla since November. If you do see one, please let me know.
Stan Walens, San Diego
Jan 18, 2023; 11:45 am

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