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La Jolla Cove April 17; +Scissor-tailed flycatcher in University City

The Cove this morning was lovely, with clear skies and bright light.
Hundreds of common dolphins and 2 inshore bottlenose dolphins were feeding actively, and attracting a lot of birds.

Jay Desgrossellier was already there when I arrived a little late, at 6:45, and he had spotted some storm-petrels working the canyon edge to the north.
His eBird numbers are a bit lower than mine:
I counted 53 in one scan, and thought there might have been more a little further out.
Didn’t see anything that looked like anything other than a black storm-petrel.
If you go to look for these, a scope is essential, and early morning is best light.
Also, I counted between 80–100 black-vented shearwaters.
A single jaeger was the only other seabird. No idea on species.

At around 10:00, while driving in my neighborhood, I spotted a scissor-tailed flycatcher sitting on a wire at the corner of Gullstrand and Robbins Sts.
It was a relatively short-tailed individual, with only one set or possibly two sets of white-tipped feathers protruding beyond the black innermost rectrices.
Tail was noticeably graduated and forked even at that length.
Very white on head and body, contrasting with dark wings that lacked white bars.

Stan Walens, San Diego
April 17, 2019; 1:00 pm
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports