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La Jolla Cove, 8/26: follow-up

12:22 pm

Met a bunch of people at the Cove this morning, 6:30-11:00.
Overcast, but until 7:30 or so there was decent visibility out to where there was a large feeding frenzy.
At 7:30 a big fog bank made visibility terrible beyond 3/4 mile.
So the bird numbers below are from just 1 hour of observation.

I’d estimate 3000+ black-vented shearwaters, 3-5 sooty shearwaters, and a minimum of 50 pink-footed shearwaters [I counted 82 birds heading south, but it is hard to know if any were making a huge loop and coming back around].
3 or 4 pomarine jaegers, 12 parasitic jaegers.
Highlights were a heavily molting Northern Fulmar and 2 Masked-type boobies, a full adult and a first cycle. Possibly the same 2 individuals I’ve seen over the past couple of weeks during whale-watching trips.
At least 1000 phalaropes, but didn’t really pay attention to them. Could have been many more.
No storm-petrels or unusual gulls.

The putative American-like oystercatcher started out on the southernmost rocks by 200 Coast Blvd., with 4 Black Oystercatchers.
They had moved up to the beach just south of Children’s Pool area by 10:30.

Stan Walens, San Diego
Aug 26; 12:05 pm