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Kitchen Creek Road

9:47 am

Several birders visited Kitchen Creek Road Thursday morning. And while all the hoped-for species were gotten, numbers were not overwhelming. A pair of Gray Vireos were in the swale on the right side of the road at about mile 2-1/4, which is about a quarter mile before you get to the Pacific Crest Trail crossing. Out the trail to the west of the road there were two more vireos. Several Scotts Orioles scattered, but only a couple black chinned sparrows, and several Mountain quail at the 2 and 1/4 mile spot. At Cibbet’s Flat Campground, there was a late Gray-headed type Junco with a couple Oregon type Juncos and White crowneds near the bathrooms. Very few migrants. 

At the bird feeders in Pine Valley, there are slightly over 100 Pine Siskins.

Paul Lehman et al., San Diego