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Kit Carson Park Sand Lake 12/30/20 Eastern Warbler rarities

Hi all, 

This afternoon, my mom and I went to Kit Carson Park in Escondido to walk the dog around Kit Carson Park at Sand Lake and to look for the adult male American Redstart first found by Ryan Andrews on 12/12/20. Around 4:20 PM I noticed a sudden increase in activity of a mixed flock of YRWA’s, and RCKI’s between the 2 bridges at the east side of the lake over a small hill nearby (33.0788754, -117.0611732) that gives you a view of many more trees. Amongst that mixed flock of various species, the adult male American Redstart put on quite a show for many minutes as it was moving around very quickly and spotted a Black-and-White Warbler that appears to be a male further back in the row of trees as well as much closer to the lake at one point. Both of them appeared to be moving around in this same mixed flock. The Black and White was foraging like a nuthatch which is typical of this species. Both of these birds would be quite nice for the upcoming Escondido CBC on January 2nd. I will be adding my eBird list later tonight with photos of both of those birds but thought of getting the word out especially of the Black and White sooner than later if anyone is interested in looking for it for the New Year.


Max Leibowitz 

San Diego/Tucson
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports