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Juvenile Yellow-rumped Warbler in late December?


I spotted a strange all-brown warbler at Kit Carson Park in Escondido on December 23. It was very hard to view and photograph against the bright sky, but believe I have enough documentation photos (read: “very bad”) to determine this is a juvenile Yellow-rumped Warbler. Has this plumage been held for 4-6 months or did it hatch in November? Anyone heard of such a thing? Any other alternatives?


Photos under: “warbler (sp.)” in the eBird checklist.


These are my general notes. Additional notes with each photo:

“Size and shape of Yellow-rumped Warbler. Thin pointed bill. More "twitchy" than typical Yellow-rumped so fairly easy to pick out and track against bright foggy sky in mid tree level (20-25 up in eucalyptus). Couldn't get decent views but tried to photograph. Generally, dark gray-brownish above, dusky gray below with faint hint of wide darker streaks on sides, flanks. Dark chin, throat (perhaps stained?), gradually paling to dusky gray breast and mottled gray and white belly and undertail coverts. Heavy feather wear in tail. Most of tail tip worn away but one feather with part of a white outer tail spot. Long tail, short under tail coverts, short wings. Two thin white wing bars.”


Greg Gillson



Greg Gillson
Escondido, California
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports