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Just a word to Sunday’s Sept. 10th. pelagic trip participants

12:53 pm

Hello all,

Just a couple of quick notes.
First we are blessed (or not) with yet another post hurricane/tropical storm, Jova. This storm is about 580 n. miles ssw of San Diego, and will affect sea conditions tomorrow . 
The storm is losing intensity and turning to the west, so no threat here. I wished I could say it will bring us some good birds, but likely it’s too far away to do that. I do expect a medium sized swell (3-5 ft.) from the south and the usual wind wave and swell (2-3 ft.) from the northwest. Nothing dire, but motion for sure. Two direction waves are not ideal. Add in some wind and …Be prepared !
We will alter course as needed to accommodate a smoother ride and that may change our ultimate destination and time in certain zones.
Of course seeing birds is a high priority, but as always safety first.
There is also a slight chance of drizzle or a light rain shower, so again a little preparation there. That might be a light rain jacket, something to clear or protect binoculars.
Second Interstate 5 southbound is closed all weekend (day and night) between I-8 and hwy 163. That should have no effect on driving into Mission Bay, and only an issue if you plan to go home on I-5 south. or I-8 east in the afternoon. (I-5 south will be rerouted to 8 east)
No telling how this may cause traffic issues anywhere ??
Last, Parking a Seaforth Sportfishing Landing is free, but be aware that only applies to the spaces on the street and in the parking lot directly in front of the Seaforth Sportfishing Landing building. All of the permit parking, Seaforth boat rentals, and Conference Center parking may tow your car!!

If you are unsure double check with us in the morning
Dave Povey