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January SDFO Program

January SDFO Program
By {authorlink} – 3:37 pm

Hello Birders,

In case you missed the excellent program last month by our Program Chair Rick Grove on The “Sage” Sparrow Conundrum in San Diego  or just want to hear it again, the link to the recording can be accessed here. This program used part of a presentation to LA Birders by Kimball Garrett, with added discussions by Paul Lehman and Chris McCreedy.


I have also attached a link to the PDF by Peter Pyle on On Separating Sagebrush Sparrow (Artemisiospiza nevadensis) from Bell’s Sparrow (A.
belli) with particular reference to A. b. canescens
 that was referenced during the program.


Happy Birding!

Char Glacy

Secretary SDFO