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Jacumba Wilderness area and Agua Caliente

Went out to the trails just east of the airport in Jacumba to look for lizards but encountered a few birds as well.  There are a number of Cactus Wren in the area, as well as Verdin and Black-Throated Sparrows.  Not anything else I saw there bird-wise.

Headed to Agua Caliente camping area and it was a lot more birdy.  Several Western Tanagers, and some female tanagers I think might have been Summers.  Verdin and Black Throated sparrows there as well, along with Phainopepla.  There were White-Winged and Eurasian collared doves around the campsites.  A ton of Desert Bighorn Sheep had invaded the common areas for shade and water I believe.  They allowed a really close approach.  I did not reach Agua Caliente until about noon and it was 105F so perhaps an early morning trip would yield more birds.
As I was leaving I saw all 3 types of orioles in my yard, the 2 Scott's Orioles are still present here daily in Poway near Iron Mountain.
Orioles video here –

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports