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Jacumba: Tennessee Warbler, Lark Bunting, Harris’s Hawk, dark-lored White-crowneds, Cassin’s Kingbird

12:32 pm

A Wednesday AM visit to Jacumba produced a surprising 64 species headlined by a Tennessee Warbler and a Lark Bunting. The Tennessee is likely the first winter record ever in the county east of even I-15, and it is especially surprising at 3000′ elevation. It was in a fairly busy part of town with lots of barking dogs, so less visitation there the better–so if anyone strongly wishes to look for it, please contact me privately. The Lark Bunting, likely a female with limited wing-patch, was present in the northeast corner of town, between Campo Street and the edge of the abandoned ag field, in a large flock of White-crowneds and some Brewer’s. Presumably early morning is best to have the sparrow flock all feeding out in the open. There are houses around this area as well, so please be on your best behavior. Also of note was one Harris’s Hawk back near the trees where a pair nested last year; a very rare (especially in winter) continuing Cassin’s Kingbird; two adult dark-lored White-crowned Sparrows in the same flock as the Lark Bunting; and a continuing adult male Vermilion Flycatcher, continuing Great Egret, continuing Virginia Rail, continuing White-br. Nuthatch, and early-breeding-behavior Tricolored Blackbirds around the pond/marsh. Lots of Brewer’s and Vesper Sparrows around the edge of town.
Paul Lehman, San Diego