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A trip out to Jacumba today produced the continuing cooperative LARK BUNTING found by Paul Lehman.  For the previously uninitiated Jacumba visitor like myself, the best place to park and not distrub local residents is right off Hwy 80.  At least 2 VESPER SPARROWS were also around the dirt lots on the East side of town.  A trip to the pond and defunct old boathouse produced a SCOTT'S ORIOLE, two RED-NAPED SAPSUCKERS, and a roosting Great-horned Owl.  I then continued across the pond and north to the railway tracks were I found at least a half dozen BREWER'S SPARROWS, a pair of Verdin, and Black-throated Sparrow.  I noticed regular double digits counts of Brewer's here on ebird so I guess they are quite common.

I had the continuing PINE WARBLER in Coronado yesterday morning in the pines along Margarita Ave near 6th.  It was quite cooperative and allowed for some good photos:

All the best,
Tom Ford-Hutchinson

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports